Chris Espeland

Co-Host of A Matter of Principals

Chris joined AWSP in December of 2019 as the Inclusion Project Manager. She has served in education the past 25 years as a classroom teacher, Elementary Principal in Monroe School District, and the Director of Teaching and Learning in the Lakewood School District. Along with her work at AWSP, Chris is also a doctoral student at the University of Washington and is currently doing a residency within Bellingham Public Schools with Superintendent Dr. Baker.

Chris is an equity driven leader who is focused on dismantling systemic historic oppression and reimagining education where each student is seen and every student learns. Chris and her husband Lars live in Arlington with their two dogs, Joe and Coco, and a crazy cat named Sage. She also has two daughters, Erin who is studying Materials Engineering at Washington State University, and Ella who is a history major at Carroll College in Montana.

Chris Espeland has hosted three Episodes.